Et Tu Antiquities
Superb Pink Coral Chinese Carving
ca. 1870

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Height of carving: 107 mm (4 1/4 inches)
Width of carving: 52 mm (2 1/8 inches at base)
Depth of carving:  13 mm (1/2 inch)
Total height including stand: 130 mm (5 1/8 inches)

Estimated value: $1,400

      This lovely piece was carved from a single piece of Chinese pink coral.  The natural coral is of excellent quality with some traces of white running through the back hair, shoulder and feet. 


     This is an older piece, not one of the new commercial pieces being "stamped-out" today.  This is actual natural pick coral.  It is not dyed, it is not resin.  It is beautiful.  Please look at the attached images and see the fine detail and craftsmanship.  It came from an old mid-west collection which was assembled in the 1940s.  Many of the other pieces from the collection are still on display in a prominent Illinois University collection.