Philip I right facing portrait coin

Emperor of Rome AD 244 - 249
Antoninianus Presentation

Philip I left facing coin portrait

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Philip I right facing portrait coin

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Philip I left facing coin portrait

MARCVS IVLIVS PHILIPPVS was born near Damascus in about 204.  He married Marcia Otacilia Severa, and their son Philip II was born in 237.  Philip was Praetorian Praefect when Gordian III mysteriously died in 244 on the Sassanian campaign.  He was acclaimed Augustus, made a quick peace, and returned to Rome.  He ruled benevolently, engaged in a Danubian campaign, and celebrated the 1,000th anniversary of Rome in 248.  In 249 the commander in the Danubian region, Decius, was hailed as Augustus by his men.  Philip marched north, but was killed in the battle of Verona in August, 249.

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Antoninianus is the modern name of the silver coin introduced by Caracalla at the end of 214 (its proper ancient name is unknown).  Although it weighed only about 50% more than a denarius the financially distressed government tariffed it at two denarii, which led to the disappearance of denarii about thirty years later. 

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I have recently added a page to display and describe the different styles of obverse busts available on the antoninianii.  Click here to see this new page.

For a complete listing of known types, according to Seaby in "Roman Silver Coins" volume IV, and then adding Antioch variations found in Dr. Roger Bland's documentation, and lastly adding any specimens in this collection not found in either of the above,
         Philip I Imperial Antoninianii, (125),
         Otacilia Severa Imperial Antoninianii (29),
         Philip II Imperial Antoninianii (66). 

For a sampling of Provincial coins, issued for local usage by the thousands,
         Philip I Provincial Bronzes (102),
         Otacilia Severa Provincial Bronzes (21),
         Philip II Provincial Bronzes (46).

My few Imperial Bronzes are now available for viewing:
         Philip I Imperial Bronzes (17),
         Otacilia Severa Imperial Bronzes (6),
         Philip II Imperial Bronzes (5). 

Other Links

There is an informative site available which is dedicated to Antoninianii from Antioch during the reign of Philip.   Click here to see Thibaut's excellent site.

A site that I have had bookmarked on my browser forever and forgot to include here is a great site on the four years following Philip's reign.  Click here to go to Richard's very informative site.

An extremely well written article on issues of Philip from the Antioch mint and how to identify these issues.  Click here to bring up Jyrki's article.

Recent Changes

14 April 2016 - A new Otacilia from Deultum, a second variant for the Jupiter seated reverse.

11 November 2015 - Two new Otacilia from Damascus, the first with reverse of twins suckling and the second with river-goddess seated left.

20 August 2015 - Two new Otacilia from Damascus, the first with reverse of Philip I and helmeted female, sacrificing over lighted altar and the second with CЄBA/CMIA in two lines within wreath.

24 November 2013 - A new Otacilia provincial from Kallatis with dioscuri standing face to face next to horse reverse.

21 October 2013 - Another Deultum variation with Aesculapius.  Small difference from another specimen but listed separately in SNG so I will show both here too.

 26 September 2013 - A new Otacilia provincial from Deultum with the legend inside a laurel wreath reverse.

8 July 2013 - Two new provincial coins, a Philip I from Kallatis and a Philip II from Saitta.

6 February 2013 - A new Otacilia provincial from Pella.  Nice Pan seated reverse.

24 October 2012 - One new provincial issue from Kallatis, Thrace.  It has the Cybele seated left reverse.

3 October 2012 - Two new Philip I issues from Deultum.  Both are Prow reverses but with legend breaks I did not have.

22 April 2012 - A new Philip I issue from Deultum, this one with Cybele on the reverse.

27 March 2012 - A new brockage for Otacilia, a blundered reverse for Philip I and three "upgrades" to existing issues applied.

5 August 2011 - Three new provincials, all from Messembria. Two for Philip I and one for his son.  All have confronting busts as is common for this city's issues.

19 June 2011 - Added a new Deultum for Philip II, this one the Marsyas (Silenos) reverse with the bust seen from the front.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact me at:

The attached 19 pages of Philip I, 5 pages of Otacilia Severa and 9 pages of Philip II contain pictures and attributions for silver coins minted during the reign of Philip I.  Attribution numbers are from "Roman Coins and their values" by David R Sear (1988), "Roman Silver Coins" volume IV by H. A. Seaby (1982), "The Handbook of Roman Imperial Coins" by David Van Meter (1991), and "The Roman Imperial Coinage" volume IV part III by Edward A. Sydenham and C. H. V. Sutherland (1949).  Scarcity ratings are directly from R.I.C. and may be outdated with the material currently being found from the Eastern mints.

PLEASE READ ---  There are many coins missing as these are only those coins actually in my personal collection.  I am always looking to expand my collection.  If you have a "reasonably priced" collectable condition antoninianus for Philip or his family not listed in these pages, please contact me at:


Part 1 - "ADVENTVS AVGG" through "P M TR P V COS III P P"    

Part 2 - "P M TR P V COS III P P" through "VIRTVS EXERCITVS"


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