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Kings of Pontus, 2nd century BC, Kallatis, Thrace,
                AV (gold) stater, 8.31 gm, 19 mm, 

          obv.:  Head of deified Alexander the Great right,
                   with horn of Ammon.

          rev.:  ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ΑΥΣΙΜΑΧΟΥ either side of
                  Athena seated facing left, holding Nike;
                  monogram ΚΑΛ on throne, trident beneath
  note:  Beautiful example of this gold piece.  Obverse is slightly off center to right but nothing is lost.  Sear estimates this at 1000 pounds ($1,800) in VF but I was lucky to find this and the next specimens from an old collection and picked the two best.



Attica, Athens, 454-404 BC, AR (Silver) tetradrachm,
                 24 mm, 16.81 gm

          obv.: Helmeted head of Athena facing right, wearing crested Athenian helmet.

          rev.:  Owl standing right on branch. AΘE in front,above to left, olive-spray with berry and crescent.

         note:  Excellent detail. No test cuts.


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Kingdom of Cappadocia, 220-163 BC, Ariarathes IV Eusebes,
                 AR (Silver) drachm, 18 mm, 4.14 gm

          obv.: Diademed head of King facing right.

          rev.:  Athena standing holding Nike, spear and shield.

         note:  Good portrait and detail. Toned VF+.



Pamphylia, Aspendos, 380-325 BC,
                 AR (Silver) Stater, 10.91 gm 

          obv.:  Two naked athletes, wrestling; grasping each
                   other by the arms, dl between their legs.

          rev.:  Slinger advancing right, about to discharge his sling; triskeles before, EΣTFEΔIIVΣ behind; all in dotted square.

          note: Good metal, old collection toning.



Bithynia, under the tyrants Timotheos and Dionysios,
              347-338 BC, AR (Silver) Stater, 9.71 gm,
              18 x 22 mm 

          obv.:  Head of Dionysos left, Thyrsos over left

          rev.:  Nude Herakles standing left, erecting trophy.

          note: Good metal, old collection toning.



Lucania, Thutium(Thourioi), 425-400 BC, AR (silver) Stater, 
                   20 mm, 7.45 gm, SGC-447v

          obv.:  Head of Athena right, wearing crested Athenian helmet ornamented with Skylla.

          rev.:  Bull walking right, "ΘOYPIΩN" and olive branch above, tunny-fish below.
         note:  Obverse die a bit worn but Skylla still distinct riding the helmet's crest.


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Cherronesos, 400 - 350 B.C., Thrace, AR (Silver) hemidrachm, 
                     13 mm, 2.43 gm, SNG Dreer 107

          obv.:  Forepart of lion right, head looking back.

          rev.:  Incuse, pellet, I and pellet.

         note:  nicely toned VF


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Thasos, 510 - 490 B.C., AR (Silver) Stater,  8.24 gm,
                     20 mm 

          obv.:  Naked ithyphallic satyr in kneeling-running
                   attitude right, carrying in his arms a struggling
                   nymph who raises her right arm in protest.

          rev.:  Incuse square.

         note:  Rare early coinage, nicely toned.  Sear lists this at 400 pounds ($600+) in VF.


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Lucania, Herakleia, 433 - 330 BC, AR (Silver) diobol, 
                  1.15 gm, 11x12 mm, VanKeuren 54v

          obv.:  Helmeted head of Athena right.

          rev.:  Herakles kneeling strangling the Nemean lion; owl above lion.

         note:  Good eye appeal aXF.  Obverse off center to the right. 



Ionia, 350 - 325 BC, Ephesos, AE (bronze),
                     2.05 gm, 14 mm, SNG Cop. 253v

          obv.: Bee.

          rev.:  Stag kneeling left, head turned back.

         note:  VF with scattered porosity and nice brown patina.



Ionia, 280 - 258 BC, Ephesos, AE (bronze),
                     2.86 gm, 15 mm, Sear-4406

          obv.: Bee; E Φ in upper field all within laurel-wreath.

          rev.:  Stag grazing right, quiver above.

         note:  VF with heavy patina.


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Persis, ca 2nd century AD, Vadfradad IV, AR (silver) Obol,
                     0.51 gm, 9 mm, Alram. 625
          obv.:  Bust in Parthian style tiara.

          rev.:  Diademed bust.

         note:  Nice tiny coin. Toned VF+.



Lydia, 450 - 330 BC, Persian Kings, AR (silver) Siglios,
                     5.32 gm, 15 mm

          obv.:  Great King running right, holding bow and spear.

          rev.:  Incuse punch.

note: Heavy, thick coin. Good silver.


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Osca, 204 - 154 BC, Spain, Romano-Celtiberian Coinage, AR (silver) Drachm,
             3.90 gm, 18 mm, Sear GCV vol. 1 #28

          obv.:  Young male head facing right with short beard, Iberian letters behind.
          rev.:  Horseman galloping right, holding spear couched; behind Iberian legend.
          note: Nicely toned with minor pitting in front of portrait.



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