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Syracuse, 344-336 BC, Syracuse, Sicily, AE (bronze) 29 mm,
                         31.95 gm, Sear-6820
          obv.: Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet bound with olive-wreath.

          rev.:  Starfish between two dolphins.
         note:  This lovely large bronze classic was cast instead of struck.  It represented about a days wages for a soldier.  Nice dark olive patina.


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Lysimachos, 323-281 BC, Kingdom of Thrace, AE 14 (14 mm), 2.23 gm, 
          obv.: Young male head right in crested Athenian helmet,

          rev.:  Forepart of lion right.
         note:  Strong strike on this small Greek bronze.


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Kolophon, 430-400 BC, Ionia, AR (Silver) tetartemorion,
                     0.25 gm, 6 mm,  Sear-4345
          obv.:  Laureate head of Apollo facing.

          rev.:  TE monogram in incuse square.

         note:  This little devil is at the limit of my camera!!  The text is correct.  It is only 1/4 gram in weight and 6 mm ( 1/4 inch) in diameter.  It's no wonder that these would get lost.


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Gela, 339 - 320 BC, Gela, Sicily, AE (Bronze) Trias,
                          2.67 gm, 14 mm, Sear-1099
          obv.:  Head of Demeter three-quarter face to right, wreathed with corn.
          rev.:   Bearded head of river-god Gelas left, horned, and wreathed with corn.

         note:  A lovely little bronze piece. 



Arados, 2nd - 1st century BC, Arados, Phoenicia, AE (Bronze) 17 mm,
                   3.94 gm, Sear-6004                      
          obv.:  Conjoined heads of Zeus and Hera facing right.

          rev.:  Prow of galley left with Athena figurehead; above Phoenician letters; beneath Phoenician date numeral.

         note:  Nice patina.  



Philip II, 359-336 BC, The Kingdom of Macedon,
                 Pella mint, AE (bronze), 6.69 gm,
                 16x18 mm,  Sear-1602
          obv.:  Diademed head of Apollo right.

          rev.:  Youth on horseback right, "ΦIΛIΠΠOY" above, monogram 4 for N below.

         note:  Beautiful pale green patina on this sharp bronze coin. ex. Malter



Rhodes, 304 - 167 BC, AR (Silver) hemi-Drachm,
                  14 - 15 mm, 2.55 gm
          obv.: Head of Helios 3/4 face to the left, hair flowing loosely.

          rev.:  Rose, with bud on right.

         note:  A bit rough but still a very collectable piece.


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Amisos, 304 - 167 BC, Amisos, Pontos, AE (Copper),
                  21 mm, 7.94 gm
          obv.: Rose shield with Gorgon's head at center.

          rev.:  Nike advancing right, carrying a palm-branch; monograms before and after.

         note:  An interesting coin with smooth wear but patina that highlights the devices.


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Thyateira, 2nd century BC, Thyateira, Lydia, AE (bronze),
                  16 mm, 3.18 gm
          obv.: Laureate head of Apollo right.

          rev.:  ΘYATEI / PHNΩN either side of double axe.

         note:  Nice olive patina.



Kallatis, after 281 BC, Kallatis, Black Sea Area, Thrace, AR (Silver) octobol,
                  17 mm, 5.35 gm
          obv.: Head of young Herakles right in lion's skin.

          rev.:  KAΛΛATI between monogram, ear of corn and club (above), and bow in case (below).

         note:  Some porosity and wear but all devices are plain on this rare piece.


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Boeotia, 480 - 456 BC, Boeotia, Thebes, AR (Silver) hemi-drachm,
                  12 - 13 mm, 2.25 gm
          obv.: Boeotian shield.

          rev.:  Kantharos, "Θ" to left, "EB" to right.

         note:  Good toned silver.


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Alexander the Great, 336-323 BC, Kings of Macedon,
                    Mesembria mint (minted 175 - 125 BC.)
                    AR (Silver) tetradrachm, 29 mm, 16.29 gm
          obv.:  Head of Alexander in  lion's skin head-dress
                   facing right right.

          rev.:  Zeus enthroned left holding scepter and eagle;
                  to left, ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔРΟΥ; to right, ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ.

         note:  Nice coin, well struck with good detail.  Obverse highest point on lions skin smooth from lack of metal or die fill as is common on these high relief portraits.



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