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Greek Coins

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Kings of Macedon, Philip II, 359-336 BC, Amphipolis mint,
                 AR (Silver) Tetradrachm, 14.16 gm, 24-25 mm

          obv.: Laureate head of Zeus facing right

          rev.:  "ΦΙΛΙΠ - ΠΟΥ"
Youth on horseback right, holding palm in
                   right hand, rein in left; "Λ and torch"
 below horse, "M" below raised foreleg.
         note:  Strong strike, good metal and nice detail. Small test cut on reverse does not hurt the overall beauty of this coin.



Attica, Athens, 300-262 BC, AR (Silver) Tetradrachm,
                         17.12 gm, 19x21 mm

          obv.:  Head of Athena facing right wearing
                   crested helmet ornamented with three
                   olive-leaves and floral scroll.

          rev.:  Owl standing right, head facing with
                  AOE to right and olive twig and crescent
                  to left.

         note:  Nicely toned and good metal.  Very pleasing specimen.