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Kings of Macedon, Philip II, 359-336 BC, Amphipolis mint,
                 AR (Silver) Tetradrachm, 14.16 gm, 24-25 mm

          obv.: Laureate head of Zeus facing right

          rev.:  "ΦΙΛΙΠ - ΠΟΥ"
Youth on horseback right, holding palm in
                   right hand, rein in left; "Λ and torch" below
                   horse, "M" below raised foreleg.
         note:  Strong strike, good metal and nice detail. Small test cut on reverse does not hurt the overall beauty of this coin.



AIGINA, Attica, after 404 B.C., AR (Silver) Stater, 
                  11.64 gm, 20x17 mm,
                  SNG Cop. Attica-Aegina 516-517. 

          obv.: Turtle with globular segmented shell,
                  pointed hindquarter.

          rev.:  "Early Union Jack" -- eight-part divided punch.

         note:  Attractively toned nice example of this
                  rare type.



Attica, Athens, 300-262 BC, AR (Silver) Tetradrachm,
                         17.12 gm, 19x21 mm

          obv.:  Head of Athena facing right wearing crested
                   helmet ornamented with three olive-leaves
                   and floral scroll.

          rev.:  Owl standing right, head facing with AOE to
                  right and olive twig and crescent to left.

         note:  Nicely toned and good metal.  Very pleasing specimen.



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