Et Tu Antiquities
Ivory Statue of a Scholar
ca 1868-1912

14.2 cm (5 1/2 inches) tall
4.0 cm (1 5/8 inches) wide
2.7 cm (1 inch) deep at base

      This beautiful carving is from Japan carved during the Mejii period.  It depicts a standing scholarly figure in full scholarly robes.  The detail is highlighted by very fine calligraphy.  

     This is an older piece, not one of the new commercial pieces being "stamped-out" today.  This is actual ivory, not plastic, bone  or resin.  Please look at the attached images and see the fine detail and craftsmanship.  It came from an old mid-west collection which was assembled in the 1940s.  Many of the other pieces from the collection are still on display in a prominent Illinois University collection.

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The clay on the base is to hold it on the stand. It can easily be removed.  The last image is with a light behind it so that you can see the striations within the ivory.  I am told this is one method of proving it is authentic.  Of course this item is 100% guaranteed like all of our other items.