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The Twelve Caesars (49 BC - AD 96)    [ without thumbnail images ]

Venus facing right/Trophy with captives Julius Caesar, 46-45 BC, AR (silver) Denarius,
           4.05 gm, SearM-1404, RSC-13
          obv.:  no legend 
                     Diademed bust of Venus right, small cupid at shoulder.
          rev.:  "CAESAR"
                     Trophy of Gallic arms between seated male and female captives.
         note:  Sear prices this coin at $480 in EF.  Nice sharp coin of good metal. A great addition to any collection.



Augustus and Agrippa, after AD 10 (Nemausus mint), AE (copper) 27 mm,
                     12.22 gm, SearM-1728
          obv.:  "IMP DIVI F" 
                     Heads back-to-back of Augustus right, bare, and Agrippa left, wearing rostral crown.
          rev.:  "COL NEM"
                     Crocodile right, chained to palm, wreath with long ties above, two palms below.
         note:  Well circulated specimen of this popular issue.  The reverse commemorates the defeat of Egypt in 30 BC.


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Agrippa, AD 14 - 37, struke under Tiberius, AE (copper) As
                      19 mm, 9.26 gm, SNG Cop 1193
          obv.:  "M AGRIPPA L F COS III" 
                    Head left wearing rostral crown.
          rev.:  "S C" 
                     Neptune standing left.
         note:  Reverse is heavily worn, obverse still has reasonable detail.  Darker than image suggests.


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Augustus and Rhoemetalkes I, 11 BC - 12 AD, Thracian Kingdom, AE (copper)
                      19 mm, 5.53 gm, SNG Cop 1193
          obv.:  Greek legend 
                     Laureate head of Augustus facing right.
          rev.:  Greek legend 
                     Diademed head of Rhoemetalkes I facing right.
         note:  Some encrustations but nice dark-olive patina.


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Claudius, AD 41 - 54 (Phoenicia, Berytus mint), AE (copper) 23 mm,
                     17.89 gm, SearGI-477
          obv.:  "TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG GERM IMP" 
                     Bare head of Claudius facing right.
          rev.:  "COL IVL AVG"
                     Colonist plowing right with yoke of oxen.
         note:  Lovely, heavy thick bronze provincial issue with expressive portrait and good detail, front and rear.



Claudius, AD 41 - 42 (Rome mint), AE (copper) As,
                     9.10 gm, SearM-1859
          obv.:  "TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP" 
                     Bare head of Claudius facing left.
          rev.:  "LIBERTAS AVGVSTA S C"
                     Libertas standing facing, head right, holding pileus, left hand extended.
         note:  This copper As has seen quite a bit of circulation in its life.  Reverse devices quite weak, obverse is a bit stronger. Banker's mark or punch mark on both sides.


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Nero, AD 65 (Rome mint), AR (silver) Denarius,
                     3.07 gm, SearM-1946, RIC 62
          obv.:  "NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "VESTA"
                     Domed temple of Vesta, showing six columns and containing statue of the goddess.
         note:  Sear prices this coin at $520 in VF.  Although this coin is far from VF, it has nice even wear and there is no mistaking the late-life portrait of Nero.


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Vespasian, AD 80 (Rome mint) by Titus, AR Denarius,
                     3.40 gm, SearM-2568, RSC 149 (Vespasian)
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "E X S C"
                     Circular shield attached to lower part of column which is surmounted by urn and flanked by two laurel-branches.
         note:  Sear prices this coin at $160 in VF.  Nice clean coin with this unusual reverse.



Vespasian, AD 72 - 73 (Antioch mint), AR Denarius, 3.25 gm, 
                      RIC II, 362
          obv.:  "[IMP CAES] VESP AVG P M COS IIII"
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "VICTORIA AVGVSTI"
                     Victory advancing right, holding palm and about to place wreath on a trophy.
         note:  Nicely toned, great portrait.  Reverse is a bit soft.  This reverse is in reference to their victory over the Jews.



Vespasian, AD 77-78 (Rome mint), AR Denarius, 
                   3.02 gm, SearM-2289, RSC-133a
          obv.:  "IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "COS VIII"
                     Pair of oxen under yoke.
          note:  Sear lists this issue at $200 in VF. Although not quite up to VF standards, it is a nice coin with even wear.


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Domitian, AD 82 (Rome mint), AR (Silver) Denarius,
                     2.79 gm, SearM-2751
          obv.:  "IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG P M" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "TR POT COS VIII P P"
                     Throne with semi-circular diadem ornamented with three crescents and globes.
          note:  Sear prices this coin at $120 in VF.  Nice toned silver and even wear.  Smooth surfaces.


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Domitian, AD 88 (Rome mint), AR (Silver) Denarius,
                     3.18 gm, SearM-2731
          obv.:  "IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VII" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "IMP XIIII COS XIIII CENS P P P"
                     Minerva standing half-left, holding winged thunderbolt and spear, shield at feet.
          note:  Lovely old-collection toning, expressive portrait and good details overall.



Domitian, AD 83 - 96 (Rome mint), AE (Copper) Quadrans,
                     3.26 gm, SearM-2834
          obv.:  "IMP DOMIT AVG GERM" 
                     Legend around large "S C".
          rev.:  No legend
                     Rhinoceros walking right.
          note:  Good detail on this smaller copper piece.



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