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The Adoptive Emperors (AD 96 - 192)    [ without thumbnail images ]

Aelius, AD 136-138, Caesar under Hadrian, AR (Silver)
           Denarius, 3.19 gm, SearM-3968v
          obv.:  "L AELIVS CAESAR " 
                     Bare head right.
          rev.:  "TR P COS II"
                     Concordia, enthroned left, holding patera and resting arm on cornucopia; "CONCORD" in exergue.
          note:  Nice sharp coin of this scarce Caesar.  Aelius was adopted by Hadrian and was to become Hadrian's successor but predeceased him in AD 138. 



Antoninus Pius, AD 146, AR Denarius, 2.88 gm, 
          obv.:  "ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "COS IIII"
                    Clasped right hands holding caduceus between corn-ears.

          note:  Little to no wear on this one.  Rough flan but really a lovely coin.  



Antoninus Pius, AD 141, AR Denarius, 3.13 gm, 
          obv.:  "ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III" 
                     Bare head right
          rev.:  "GENIVS POP ROMANI"
                    Genius of the Roman People standing facing head right holding scepter and cornucopia.

          note:  Even wear, good metal.  


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Antoninus Pius, AD 153 - 154, AR Denarius, 3.18 gm, 
          obv.:  "ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XII" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "COS IIII"
                    Annona standing left holding corn-ears and anchor, modius at feet to left. 


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Antoninus Pius, AD 162, AR Denarius, 2.97 gm, 
          obv.:  "DIVVS ANTONINVS" 
                     Bare head right
          rev.:  "DIVO PIO"
                    Column of Antoninus Pius surmounted by statue of the Emperor standing left, trellis-work fencing surrounding the base.

          note:  Issued by Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus in honor of Antoninus Pius.  Little of this monument still exists.  



Antoninus-Aurelius, AD 140-144, AR (Silver) Denarius,
                2.80 gm, Sear-1333, RSC-15
          obv.:  "ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P COS III" 
                    Laureate head right
          rev.:  "AVRELIVS CAESAR AVG PII F COS"
                     Bare head of Marcus Aurelius right.

          note:  One of the few dual Emperor coin types available.  Sear priced this issue at $240 in 1988.  Good metal, full legends.  



Faustina Senior, Wife of Antoninus Pius, died AD 141,
                   AR (Silver) Denarius, 3.12 gm, RSC-108b
          obv.:  "DIVA FAVSTINA"
                     Bare headed and draped bust right
          rev.:  "AVGVSTA"
                     Vesta, veiled, standing left, holding simpulum and palladium, the latter on left arm. 
         note:  Wonderful coin with full legends and devices.



Faustina Senior, Wife of Antoninus Pius, died AD 143,
                  AR (Silver) Denarius, 2.94 gm, Sear-M-4575
          obv.:  "DIVA FAVSTINA"
                     Bare headed and draped bust right
          rev.:  "AETERNITAS"
                     Aeternitas standing left holding globe and scepter. 
          note:  Nice coin, old collection toning.  Good detail and metal.  


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Faustina Junior, wife of Marcus Aurelius, AD 154 - 156, 
                      AE (Copper) AS, 10.27 gm, Sear-M-4727
          obv.:  "FAVSTINA AVG PII FII" 
                    Draped bust right.
          rev.:  "IVNO SC"
                     Juno seated left, holding patera and scepter, peacock at feet.

          note:  Some wear and could use a careful cleaning but nice collectable piece.


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