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The Adoptive Emperors (AD 96 - 192)    [ without thumbnail images ]

Lucius Verus, AD 166, AR Denarius, 3.35 gm, 
            Sear-1542, RSC-279a
          obv.:  "L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX"
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "TR P VI IMP IIII COS II"
                     Victory, naked to waist, standing front, head right, holding palm and placing on palm-tree shield inscribed "VIC/PAR".
         note:  Very nice coin with good detail.  Top legends half off flan but readable.  Previous dealer had this one marked at $175 (tag included). I think that is a bit much.



Lucius Verus, AD 167, AR Denarius, 3.20 gm, RSC-297
          obv.:  "L VERVS AVG ARM PARTH MAX"
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  " TR P VII IMP IIII COS III"
                     Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae. 
          note:  Fabulous portrait! Reverse is a bit off center, crowding the left legend.  



Lucilla, wife of Lucius Verus, sister of Commodus,
                AR Denarius, 3.40 gm, RSC-70
          obv.:  "LVCILLAE AVG ANTONINI AVG F" 
                     Bare-headed and draped bust right
          rev.:  "VENVS"
                     AVenus standing left, holding apple and scepter.
          note:  Nice toned example of this more difficult Empress. 



Commodus, AD 191, AR Denarius, 2.45 gm, 
                     14x18 mm, RSC-677
          obv.:  "L AEL AVREL COMM AVG P FEL" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "SAL GEN HVM"
                     Salus standing front, head left, raising up woman kneeling right, and holding scepter round which snake twines.

          note:  Ovoid flan but detail still present.  Scarce reverse.  Van Meter lists this as VB3 ($301-$1,000).  He looks like an old man near the end of his reign but was 31 when he was murdered on December 31, 192.


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Commodus, AD 192, AR Denarius, 2.51 gm, 
                     17 mm, SearM-5654v
          obv.:  "L AEL AVREL COMM AVG P FEL" 
                     Laureate head right
          rev.:  "LIB AVG P M TR P XVII COS VIII P P"
                     Libertas (Liberty) standing half-left, holding pileus and scepter.

          note:  Smallish flan as is common for this Emperor.  Nice expressive portrait.


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Commodus, AD 188-189, AE Sestertius, 22.15 gm, 
          obv.:  "M COMMODVS ANT P FELIX AVG BRIT" 
                     Laureate bust right
          rev.:  "FORT FELI P M TR P XIIII IMP VIII COS V P P S C"
                     Fortuna standing left, foot on prow, holding caduceus and double cornucopiae.
          note:  Not listed in Sear or Van Meter.  Nice dark green patina.


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Crispina, wife of Commodus, died AD 177, AR Denarius,
                         2.68 gm, Sear-1684, RSC-21
          obv.:  "CRISPINA AVGVSTA" 
                    Bare-headed and draped bust right.
          rev.:  "IVNO"
                     Juno standing left, holding patera and scepter, peacock at feet.
          note:  Nice slightly toned coin with smooth surfaces.  Obverse well centered and most of hair detail remains.  Reverse slightly off center to right clipping right two letters of legend.  I think you would be quite pleased with this coin.



Crispina, wife of Commodus, died AD 177, AE 19, 4.62 gm, 
                    Thrace, Philippopolis
          obv.:  "KPICПEINA CEB ...
                    Draped bust right.
          rev.:  "ΦIΛIППOПOΛEITΩN"
                     Basket of fruit.
          note:  Nice patina.


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