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 The Constantinian Dynasty and the Fourth Century (AD 297 - 394)   [ without thumbnail images ]

Follis of Maxentius Maxentius, AD 306 - 312, AE (bronze), follis,
                  7.09 gm, 23 mm, Sear-3780, RIC 125
          obv.:  "IMP MAXENTIVS P . F . AVG . CONS . II" 
                    Laureate bust right, wearing imperial mantle and holding eagle-tipped scepter.
          rev.:  "CONSERV . VRB . SVAE"
                     Roma seated facing, holding globe and scepter, with shield at side, all within hexastyle temple, "AQΓ" in exergue.

          note:  Beautiful coin with chocolate brown patina.



Antoninianus of Romulus Romulus, Son of Maxentius, died in AD 309, AE (bronze), quarter-follis,
                 1.96 gm, 16 mm, RIC Vol. 6, page 381, Roma mint, #239
          obv.:  "DIVO ROMVLO N V BIS CONS" 
                    Bare-head right.
          rev.:  "AETERNAE-MEMORIAE"
                     Domed shrine with doors ajar, surmounted by eagle; "RP" in exergue.
          note:  Excellent detail, great patina, rare.



AE3 of Licinius Licinius I, AD 308 - 324, AE (bronze), AE3, 1.76 gm, 19 mm,
                 RIC VII, page 548, #52, minted in Heraclea in AD 321-324
          obv.:  "IMP C VAL LICIN LICINVS P F AVG" 
                    Radiate, draped and cuirassed right.
          rev.:  "IOVI CONSERVATORI"
                     Jupiter standing left, between eagle and captive, holding victory on globe and scepter; "X / IIIv" in right field, "SMHA" in exergue.
          note:  Sharp reverse


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Follis of Licinius Licinius I, AD 308 - 324, AE (bronze), Follis, 3.95 gm, 22 x 24 mm,
                RIC VII, page 548, #52, minted in Thessalonica in AD 321-324
          obv.:  "IMP LIC LICINVS P F AVG" 
                    Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right viewed from the front.
          rev.:  "IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG NN"
                     Jupiter standing facing, head left, holding victory on globe and scepter, eagle to left at feet, holding wreath in beak; "T S Γ " in exergue.
          note:  Dark chocolate-brown patina.  Better looking in hand.


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Ae3 of Hanniballianus Hanniballianus, AD 335 - 337, AE (bronze), 1.32 gm, 15x17 mm,
                  minted in Constantinople, RIC VII, page 589, #145
          obv.:  "FL ANNIBALIANO REGI" 
                    Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
          rev.:  "SECVRITAS PVBLICA"
                     The Euphrates reclining right, leaning on scepter, urn at his side, reed in background.
          note:  Excellent patina, good detail, very rare (r4) piece.



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