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Roman Republic (280 - 41 BC)    [ without thumbnail images ]

Mercury facing right/prow of galley right Anonymous, 217-215 BC, AE (bronze) sextans,
           21.61 gm, Sear-85, SearM-610

          obv.:  Head of Mercury right, two pellets above.
          rev.:  Prow of galley right, ROMA above, two pellets below.

         note:  Great patina.  Nice detail.



Roma facing right/Prow right Anonymous, 211-207 BC, AE (bronze) uncia,
           5.50 gm

          obv.:  Head of Roma right, in crested Attic helmet, pellet behind.
    rev.:  Prow of galley right, ROMA above, pellet below.


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Roman Republic denarius L. Titurius Sabinus, 89 BC, AE (bronze) As,
                12.16 gm, SearM-745
          obv.:  Laureate head of Janus
          rev.:  "L TITVRI L F" above prow right, winged victory to the right, "SABNVS" below.
          note:  Nice example of early bronze coinage of Rome.  Sear values this coin at $280 in VF.



Roman Republic denarius L. Roscius Fabatus, 64 BC, AR (silver) Denarius,
           3.87 gm, RSC-Roscia-3
          obv.:  Head of Juno Sospita right, wearing goat's skin, symbol behind.
          rev.:  Female standing right, feeding serpent erect before her, symbol behind, "FABATI" in exergue.
          note:  The reverse type depicts the scene that occurs yearly at Lanuvium at the festival in honor of Juno Sospita, when a virgin descended into the grotto with food for the serpent that dwelt there.  If the girl was chaste, then she returned safely to her home, where there was much rejoicing.  If she was not chaste she was destroyed by the serpent.



Venus facing right/Trophy with captives Vibius Pansa, 90 BC, AR (silver) Denarius,
           3.52 gm, RSC-Vibia-2a

          obv.:  Laureate head of Apollo right.

          rev.:  Minerva in quadriga right.

         note:  nicely toned VF



Claudius Nero, 79 BC, AR (silver) Denarius,
           3.22 gm, RSC-Claudia-6

          obv.:  Diademed bust of Diana right, SC at chin.

          rev.:  Victory in biga, holding palm-branch and wreath.

         note:  nicely toned VF+ with strong reverse.



Venus facing right/Trophy with captives M. Carbo, 122 BC, AR (silver) Denarius,
           3.87 gm, RSC-Papiria-6

          obv.:  Helmeted head of Roma right, X below chin, laurel-branch behind.

          rev.:  Jupiter in quadriga advancing left, M. CAR below horses, ROMA in exergue.




C. Norbanus, 83 BC,
        AR (silver) Denarius, 3.73 gm, RSC-Norbana-2

          obv.:  Diademed head of Venus right, C. NORBANVS below, issue number behind.
          rev.:  Ear of corn, fasces and caduceus.

          note: This reverse type is probably an allusion to the moneyer's father and the part he played in Sicily during the social war, when he raised troops, organized a fleet, and provisioned the town of Rhegium.



Roman Republic denarius Mn. Aemilius Lepidus, 114 - 113 BC,
        AR (silver) Denarius, 3.63 gm, RSC-Aemilia-7

          obv.:  Laureate and diademed bust of Roma right. ROM before, star behind.

          rev.:  Equestrian statue right on base of three arches, MN AEMILIO around LEP between arches.



Roman Republic denarius L. Thorius Balbus, 105 BC,
        AR (silver) Denarius, 3.08 gm, RSC-Thoria-1

          obv.:  Head of Juno of Lanuvium right, wearing goat's skin.  I.S.M.R. behind.

          rev.:  Bull charging right, C above, leg: L. THORIVS/BALBVS.



M. Furius L. f. Philus, 119 BC, AR (silver) Denarius,
                3.80 gm, RSC-Furia-18

          obv.:  "M . FOVRI . L . F" around laureate head of Janus.
          rev.:  Roma standing left erecting trophy, ROMA on right, PHLI off flan in exergue.
          note:  Commemorates victories over the Allobroges and the Arverni in Gaul. 



L. Cosconius M. f., 118 BC, AR (silver) Denarius, 3.72 gm, RSC-Cosconia-1

          obv.:  "COS CO . M . F . X" around head of Roma right.
          rev.:  Bituitus in biga right, L. LIC . CN . DOM in exergue.