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Ancient Cylinder and Stamp Seals

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Ancient Cylinder and Stamp Seals   [ without thumbnail images ]

Fancy Jasper with hematite band, Sasanian Empire, "O" type stamp seal
A.D. 224 - 651
15 x 18 x 13 mm., 5.68 grams

Portrait of bearded and jeweled man with inscription above (Pahlavi) 

A gorgeous stone and fine detail.  The characters are written in "inscriptional Pahlavi" and may represent the name of the pictured original owner or may state "reliance on the Gods". Further translation will be required to be sure.

providence: ex. "Sunshine Collection, California" prior to 1980
                   with PBJI, Maryland, purchased 2008


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Carnelian, Sasanian Empire, "O" type stamp seal
A.D. 224 - 651
18 x 20 x 17 mm., 7.95 grams

Gayomard with dog - the mythical first human being.

Nice dark stone with partial light band.  Nice detail with good impression.

Reference: Göbl table 1-1b



Hematite, Sasanian Empire, "O" type stamp seal
A.D. 224 - 651
16 x 16 x 16 mm., 7.19 grams

Horse walking right, head raised, with crescent moon above.

Nice seal with popular style.  Nice strong engraving and smooth impression.

Reference: Göbl table 17 - 48b



Steatite. Syria/Southern Mesopotamia. Proto-literate period.
Late 5th - early 3rd millinium B.C.
25 x 23 mm.

Gable type seal of a quadruped animal right and a plant.

The iconography of this particular gable seal is crude, suggesting that it is possibly an earlier example.

Condition is VF+ - aXF, with scratches on the surface, but otherwise in good condition.

cf: Ashmolean II, 115.


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Marble. Syro-Hittite.
1300 – 1200 B.C.
18 x 15 mm.

Round stamp seal with carved decorated handle. The face of the seal shows four bulls, two with tall horns and two with rounded horns, all facing away from each other.  Two of the bulls have very distinct Hittite style large eyes, as per Dominque Beyer, “Quelques sceaux-cylindres Syro-Hittites inedits ou peu connus,” N. Ozguc festscrift, p. 71, 1 and B. Teissier, ”The ruler on Glyphtic from Kultepe,” ibid, p. 603, 3,4. They are possibly representations of the Hurri and Snurri, the divine bulls of heaven, pets of Teshub.  

This is an extremely rare and interesting Hittite seal made east of Kanesh (as per the iconography.)

Condition of the example is XF – XF+.


A truly spectacular example for Anatolian enthusiasts.


Carnelian, Sasanian Empire, "O" type stamp seal
A.D. 224 - 651
11 x 15 x 12 mm., 3.07 grams

Farmer and two zebus.

Lovely pale red/orange/yellow stone.  Uncommon type. Hard to take a good picture of this stone so I am glad the impression came out well.

Reference: no examples in Göbl



Steatite. Provincial Syrian.
2000 – 1750 B.C.
20 mm.

Man facing with bow drawn, in crude linear style. To l. a rabbit running, facing r. Above and behind the rabbit, geometric designs.

Worn at points and some attached encrustations.

cf: Ashmolean, 837 and 839 for similar style though not similar iconography.


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Hematite, Sasanian Empire, "O" type stamp seal
A.D. 224 - 651
10 x 15 x 13 mm., 3.80 grams

Pomegranate flower and leaves.  Engraved back.

Nice smaller seal with fully engraved back.  The pomegranate has been cultivated since ancient times. 

Reference: Göbl table 41 - plate 9.



Banded Chalcedony, Sasanian Empire, "O" type stamp seal
A.D. 224 - 651
9 x 18 x 15 mm., 3.89 grams

Stag bust, head facing right, with pair of wings below and stars to the left and right.

Nice stone, popular motif.

Reference: Göbl table 18 - 51q.


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